What is an electronic cigarette ?

Une cigarette électronique (ou e-cigarette) est un dispositif produisant de la vapeur destinée à être inhalée. Du e-liquide chauffe en effet dans la résistance (ou coil) d’un atomiseur et il est alors vaporisé. Il existe diverses formes de cigarettes électroniques, d’un set-up basique comprenant une batterie de type ego avec un clearomiseur, à la box électronique avec un atomiseur reconstructible ou un dripper.

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It’s the most effective tool in France and Europe for quitting smoking, a real revolution for smokers!

This device is very simple to use, and is also known as an e-cigarette, a vapouriser or just a ‘vape’. It’s made up of a battery and a tank, which contains a liquid that is heated and vapourised.

By inhaling through the mouthpiece, the e-liquid and air mix, producing a cloud of vapour that looks and feels like tobacco cigarette smoke. This is what makes e-cigarettes so successful as a smoking withdrawal tool, as the brain is tricked into thinking that you are indeed smoking a cigarette.

It’s the most effective tool in France and Europe for quitting smoking, a real revolution for smokers!

In addition, the vapour can be flavoured to taste, with all sorts of fruity, minty or candy flavours, among many others. You can truly customise your vaping experience. You can also add some nicotine, which will help you gradually quit smoking.

There’s an electronic cigarette for every type of smoker, whether they burn through several packs a day or just smoke a few cigarettes from time to time. We offer products for every smoker profile, including all-in-one beginner kits to get you started the right way.

Each one of our products is carefully selected by our team of experts. That way, you’re always sure of getting an accessible e-cig that’s suited to your specific needs, all at a low cost. Come and see for yourself!

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Aspire Nexi One Kit

An innovation with an impressive design, ideal to start vaping!

Lost Vape Centaurus M100 Kit

When the Centaurus M100 mod meets the Sub Coo clearomizer!

Lost Vape Centaurus M100 Kit

When the Centaurus M100 mod meets the Sub Coo clearomizer!

Lost Vape Centaurus M100 Kit

When the Centaurus M100 mod meets the Sub Coo clearomizer!

Lost Vape Centaurus M100 Kit

When the Centaurus M100 mod meets the Sub Coo clearomizer!

Lost Vape Centaurus M200 Kit

A kit meant for XXL vapor production in 18650 dual batteries!

Innokin EZ Tube Kit

A tube with a 2,100mAh built-in battery, up to 40W of power!
Understanding the electronic cigarette
How to choose your electronic cigarette
Your questions about the effects of vaping
Your electronic cigarette and everyday life

Understanding the electronic cigarette

It may seem difficult to understand how an electronic cigarette works at first glance, and why it’s so effective among smokers.

The amount of equipment that exists on the market can also scare a few newcomers, but don’t panic! We’re here to help! We'll answer all of your questions and give you advice, like if you went to a vape shop!

Understanding the electronic cigarette
Reduce the risks linked to smoking

Vaping, as it is more widely known, is considered to be a tool that helps reduce the risks linked to smoking, since it doesn’t combust like tobacco does, and it doesn’t have any of the latter’s carcinogenic substances, such as tars.

Save you a lot of money with an electronic cigarette

An electronic cigarette will also save you a lot of money. Many former smokers have reduced their tobacco budget to about a fifth of what it used to be since switching to e-cigarettes!

Unpleasant tobacco smell

You’ll also say goodbye to all those ashtrays, stop looking for that elusive lighter, and get rid of that unpleasant cold tobacco smell. Vaping lets you keep the gestures and feeling you got used to over the years, but without the risks linked to tobacco!

Embark on a journey that changed our lives and those of millions of smokers across the globe. Browse our website and discover everything there is to know about this fascinating tool!

How does an electronic cigarette work?

An electronic cigarette uses a battery to power a piece of resistive wire, called a coil, placed inside a clearomiser, which is the name of the tank that holds the e-liquid. The battery heats up the coil, which vapourises the e-liquid inside the tank. This vapour then rises to the mouthpiece where you inhale it. That whole process is what defines vaping!

Indeed, all electronic cigarettes work on the same principle, thanks to these three parts:

The battery

The battery is the energy source that powers the device and the coil in particular. A battery’s autonomy and power can change from one model to the next. The more autonomy a battery has, the longer it’ll take to charge.

The coil

The coil is made up of a piece of resistive wire and a cotton wick. Thanks to capillary action, the e-liquid is soaked up by the cotton, bringing it into contact with the wire which, when heated, vapourises it.

The tank

The tank holds the electronic cigarette’s supply of e-liquid.

The benefits of electronic cigarettes

What are the benefits of electronic cigarettes?

Transitioning from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes is very beneficial for your health and your wallet, which explains why they’ve been so successful in France and throughout the world for the last 15 years:

The risks linked to smoking

There is no combustion with e-cigarettes, which is the main danger associated with smoking. Therefore, vapers don't inhale any of the carbon monoxide, solid particles or carcinogenic substances found in tobacco smoke.

The vapour can be flavoured

There is no more smoke either, and the vapour can be flavoured in any way you want, which is a welcome change from the taste of burnt tobacco!

Vaping offers a similar handling to traditional cigarettes

Vaping offers a similar handling and experience to traditional cigarettes. An electronic cigarette is held in pretty much the same way, is brought to the lips like a cigarette, and when the vapour passes down your throat it produces the same muscular contraction smokers crave, known as ‘throat hit’ or simply ‘hit.

Save you money with electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes will save you money quickly and easily. Most vapers spend at least five times less on e-cigs than they did on tobacco!

Unpleasant tobacco smell

Your family and friends will be happy you got rid of that cold tobacco smell on your clothes, in your car and at home!

The electronic cigarette’s history

The electronic cigarette’s history

A little history lesson can be useful to understand where the electronic cigarette came from, and how it became what it is today.

Its invention dates back to 1965. An American named Herbert A. Gilbert filed a patent for an electronic cigarette prototype, but it never made it to market.

It’s only in 2003 that a 52-year-old Chinese pharmacist named Hon Lik gave birth to the e-cigarette as we know it. He was trying to help his father, who was suffering from smoking-related lung cancer. As Lik was also a heavy smoker, he quickly realised that the problem was caused by tobacco combustion, and not the nicotine itself. He then imagined a device that would mimic tobacco cigarettes but would produce vapour instead of smoke. The electronic cigarette was no longer just a concept!

In 2004, he became the first to market his product on an industrial scale through his company Dragonite International Ltd (Ruyan). The result was a reliable device that vapourised liquid nicotine, and thus reduced the risks linked to tobacco combustion and its toxic substances. It was the beginning of a new era, and a new hope for smokers around the world!

What are the different types of electronic cigarettes?

You can quickly feel lost when faced with the plethora of e-cigarettes on the market. Don’t worry, we’ve sorted them into four major categories so you can understand what distinguishes them:

Les cigalikes


These are the first generation of e-cigarettes. As their name implies, they look very much like normal cigarettes. They have a mouthpiece that’s often yellow, and a tip with a red LED that lights up with each puff, obviously designed to resemble a cigarette as much as possible. Ciga-likes aren’t known for their reliability, autonomy, and even less for their e-liquid capacity. It’s a very limiting and inefficient type of e-cig that tends to become rarer and rarer, fortunately.

Tube Mod

Tube Mods

As the name suggests, tube mods have a cylindrical shape like cigalikes and traditional cigarettes. However, they are a bit larger so as to house a bigger battery and a greater e-liquid supply. They are still very easy to use and handle, though.

Box Mod

Box Mods

Box mod electronic cigarettes stray from the classic cigarette shape, as you can see. Their box shape means they fit nicely in the palm of your hand, which is very ergonomic indeed. They also have more battery autonomy than the more traditional models, as well as various settings that allow vapers to customise their vaping experience.

Pod Mod

Pod Mods

The podmod is a relatively new type of electronic cigarette that has revolutionised the vaping market, even though it takes inspiration from the very first generation of e-cigarettes. It’s a super compact and very modern product that goes back to vaping’s roots, all while offering various settings to the user. Pods have a comfortable battery life and are quite affordable. Vapers can easily slip a podmod in their pocket.

Who are electronic cigarettes for?

Who are electronic cigarettes for?

Electronic cigarettes are for any smoker, provided they’re an adult (in accordance with French law, Article L3513-5).

They prove very successful as a smoking withdrawal tool, especially when compared to the more traditional means of quitting tobacco. E-cigarettes are also a great nicotine withdrawal tool. This is too often forgotten, despite the fact it can help you say goodbye to tobacco for good!

Ecigs will also save you a nice amount of money, whereas the price of tobacco keeps going up.

The e-liquids you put inside your ecigarette are available in all sorts of delicious flavours, as opposed to tobacco’s boring burnt taste.

In short, electronic cigarettes are intended for those who want to quit smoking with ease and without any constraints. Millions of smokers have already tried them and given up smoking afterwards, so why not you?

How to choose your electronic cigarette

How to choose your electronic cigarette

Choosing your first electronic cigarette is a special moment, the beginning of a whole new adventure that must be done right if you want to say goodbye to tobacco. Your future relationship with vaping will be based on those first few puffs. If you’re disappointed by the experience, you’ll only be tempted to go back to tobacco.

This is why we’ve written this guide. Our goal is to help you from the get-go, by answering your questions and recommending products that’ll suit your specific needs.

The world of vaping is a fascinating one, with its own codes, its own jargon, and many amazing innovations that we can’t wait to show you!

How much does an electronic cigarette cost?

How much does an electronic cigarette cost?

Obviously, the cost of an e-cigarette varies depending on its quality, its brand or its features.

However, you don’t need high-end equipment to get started. Today, you can acquire a cheap and basic electronic cigarette on our shop that has all the necessary characteristics to begin vaping.

The Chinese heavyweights Smoktech, Joyetech, Eleaf, Aspire, Kangertech and Vaporesso offer a varied selection of kits, batteries and atomisers that will please most vapers. Everyone can get a decent piece of equipment without breaking the bank!

If you want to treat yourself, or you enjoy higher-end gear, you’ll find European, North American or Philippine craftsmen who design unique devices, sometimes entirely made by hand!

You can buy electronic cigarettes at various prices, some models only costing a dozen of euros whilst some cost several hundreds.

Our goal is to offer you a selection of quality and effective products, whatever your budget may be.

On A&L, you’ll be able to find vaping gear for less than 10€, high-end electronic cigarettes for 100€, and everything in between.

Whatever your investment turns out to be, it is estimated that vaping is 5 times cheaper than smoking. Your equipment will quickly pay for itself!

The price of an electronic cigarette

Which electronic cigarette should I choose?

Which electronic cigarette should I choose?

As you can see, there are many electronic cigarettes on the market. You have to find the one that’ll suit your specific needs if you want your vaping experience to be successful.

The vaping scene has changed a lot over the years, becoming more and more beginner-friendly, thanks to the many innovations manufacturers have come up with.

Nowadays, the equipment for beginner vapers is smaller, easier to handle and use, in order to increase your chances of quitting tobacco for good. Indeed, the devices’ settings have become much simpler, with some vapes even automatically adjusting their power depending on your needs, and some even turn on automatically when you inhale so you don’t have to press any buttons.

There are plenty of innovations for the more experienced vapers to enjoy as well, as manufacturers continue to push the boundaries of power, quality and design. Indeed, box mods are equipped with all sorts of settings that allow you to tailor your vape to your taste, including producing huge clouds of vapour, if that’s your thing!

There is no universal rule in vaping. There are as many solutions as there are vapers. You will always find an electronic cigarette that fits your requirements.

Which electronic cigarette should I choose if I don't smoke much?

If you’re an occasional smoker, a simple electronic cigarette will suffice. Compact and stylish devices like podmods or tube mods will be ideal.

Pod Drag S Voopoo Choice of the team

Voopoo Drag S Pod

A built-in battery of 2500mAh
PockeX AIO kit by Aspire Great for beginners

Aspire PockeX AIO Kit

A stylish electronic cigarette, ideal for beginners!

Which electronic cigarette should I choose if I’m an average smoker?

Average smokers can still use relatively simple devices, but with a longer battery life that’ll keep them going all day long.

In this category, you’ll mostly find podmods with bigger batteries, but you can also opt for the more powerful boxes or tube mods, depending on your preference.

Voopoo Drag S Pro Pod Choice of the team

Voopoo Drag S Pro Pod

The pod that fits everyone, from beginners to experts

Vaporesso Gen 80S Kit

An electronic cigarette intended for all types of vapers

Coolfire Z80 Kit Innokin

The perfect kit: 80W mod operating with a single 18650 battery and 5.5ml Zenith 2 clearomizer!

Which electronic cigarette should I choose if I smoke a lot?

As you can imagine, heavy smokers need an even more powerful device to meet their requirements.

They’ll be better off using box-shaped electronic cigarettes, as these offer more autonomy and customisable settings. They’ll be able to configure their vape down to the last detail. That said, there are also models with very simple settings in this category, which will be perfect if you’re not quite familiar with e-cigarettes.

Aegis Legend 2 L200 Kit... Choice of the team

Aegis Legend 2 L200 Kit Geek Vape

A powerful 200W double battery kit, with a Zeus Sub Ohm 2021 clearomizer

Which electronic cigarettes should I avoid when starting out?

Which electronic cigarettes should I avoid when starting out?

If some types of e-cigarettes are designed for beginners, some should be avoided entirely if you’re just getting started.

Firstly, we don’t recommend 'cigalikes'. They are often sold in tobacconists, so it’s not uncommon for smokers to pick one up, as it’s often the first electronic cigarette they come across.

However, they are known for their unreliability and won’t be of much help for quitting smoking. They may look like your old cigarette, but they don’t offer much autonomy, and they’re impractical, so we don’t recommend them.

Advanced equipment

Secondly, it’s important to not skip any steps and progressively move on to more and more advanced equipment. It's like riding a bike, you don't want to take the side wheels off too quickly. Thus, rebuildable atomisers, drippers and mechanical mods are not recommended for beginners. They are often complicated to use, or dangerous if you don’t have a solid vaping experience (mechanical mods).

Which is the best electronic cigarette?

Many vapers browse the Web, searching for the best electronic cigarette on the market. But, as you can imagine, reality isn’t as simple as some would like you to believe.

Indeed, there is not one, but many different types of vaper, each with their own needs and desires. Therefore, each vaper must strive to meet his specific needs by using the right equipment. It’s the equipment that has to accommodate the vaper, not the other way round.

One vaper may need a lot of battery autonomy, while another may prefer a certain kit’s settings or design.

That’s why it’s best to choose an electronic cigarette that’ll suit your needs, first and foremost. We can assure you that, in your eyes, it’ll be the best electronic cigarette!

The best electronic cigarette

What are the best electronic cigarette brands?

The market has changed a lot since 2010, and the best electronic cigarette manufacturers offer increasingly ingenious and effective kits.

That's why we continue to pick out the best models from the biggest vape brands, so that you can vape with the best products currently on the market.

You’ll find long-established brands like Joyetech, Smok, Geek Vape or Eleaf. The latter’s famous iStick kits have been a staple of our e-cigarette catalogue for years.

If you’re looking for higher end equipment, you can get one of Vaporesso’s devices. The brand has recently established itself as one of the market leaders, thanks to its innovative, powerful and reliable products.

Finally, other historical brands such as Aspire, Kangertech, Wismec or Innokin continue to offer great quality equipment for any type of vaper.

Geek Vape

How do you vape with an electronic cigarette?

How do you vape with an electronic cigarette?

Vaping will change your daily life, and quitting smoking in favour of vaping isn’t necessarily easy for everyone.

The first thing to remember is that vaping is completely different from smoking. You should keep that in mind during your first few days as a vaper.

First, make sure your e-cigarette is filled with enough e-liquid, then follow these steps:

Press the switch

Once the electronic cigarette’s mouthpiece is in your mouth, press and hold the switch for the whole duration of your inhale, known as a ‘puff’.

Press the switch
Inhale with your mouth

Inhale with your mouth

Inhale the vapour like you would do with a tobacco cigarette, but for longer and slower.

Slowly inhale the vapour

Slowly inhale the vapour
Space out the puffs

Space out the puffs

This will prevent any damage to your coil and any unnecessarily excessive e-liquid consumption. It’s normal to draw more often on your vape than on a tobacco cigarette. Nicotine absorption is slower when vaping, so it’ll take longer to feel satisfied.

Your questions about the effects of vaping

Your questions about the effects of vaping

If electronic cigarettes have revolutionised the way people quit smoking, you might be wondering what impact they could have on your health, and rightfully so.

Indeed, it is a relatively recent product for some, and its meteoric rise as the smokers’ preferred withdrawal tool has sown doubts among users and scientists alike, at least in the beginning. We're sure you've already heard: ‘We don’t have enough hindsight about it, yet’.

Vaping has been around since 2004, so it has already been studied in great detail. There is plenty of data and hindsight, but let's take a look at exactly how an electronic cigarette works and what you need to know, before answering your questions!

Are electronic cigarettes harmful for my health?

Are electronic cigarettes harmful for my health?

Since August 2015, the independent scientific community has come to a general agreement on the subject of vaping. A report conducted and published by Public Health England (PHE) shows that electronic cigarettes are95% safer than smoking tobacco.

Thus, this study shows that when compared to tobacco, electronic cigarettes aren’t harmful for your health.

Also, many specialists go against the reports published by the WHO (World Health Organisation), which minimise the effectiveness of vaping by associating it with tobacco products. The electronic cigarette shouldn’t be considered as such, as it’s a withdrawal tool that doesn’t contain any tobacco and it doesn’t combust.

E-cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular as a means of quitting smoking. Indeed, their success rate exceeds that of traditional nicotine substitutes, and numerous studies continue to confirm these results.

We would also like to remind you that your enemy isn’t necessarily the one you think. Nicotine is often said to be responsible for all of tobacco’s, and by extension, the electronic cigarette’s evils, but the deadly threat smokers are exposed to is in fact caused by combustion.

More than 4000 toxic and carcinogenic substances in cigarettes

The nicotine molecule is solely responsible for the smoker's addiction. It’s actually the fact that tobacco is burnt and then inhaled that’s the real problem. Indeed, the smoke created by tobacco cigarettes contains over 4,000 toxic and carcinogenic substances, including tars and carbon monoxide, which kill 70,000 people in France every year.

Electronic cigarettes enable you to consume nicotine without any combustion. The vaper is protected from all these carcinogenic substances, and thus vaping saves lives.

Are electronic cigarettes harmful for the lungs?

Are electronic cigarettes harmful for the lungs?

To this day, there is no link between electronic cigarettes and lung disorders. As long as the vaper uses his device normally, there are no risks.

An electronic cigarette should always use products designed specifically for it, like the ones available at specialised retailers like Arômes et Liquides.

The Direction Générale de la Santé, through Santé Publique France, has set up a reporting and investigation operation after the severe cases of pneumopathy that appeared in the USA in 2019. This crisis was caused by people using e-cigarettes with adulterated cannabis oils purchased on the black market. This illegal and dangerous practice, which can be deadly, is totally forbidden in France.

What are an electronic cigarette’s side effects?

What are an electronic cigarette’s side effects?

Electronic cigarettes can produce some side effects if used intensively, but they are rather benign. These include:

  • A dry mouth
  • Weight gain
  • Dizziness
  • Excitement
  • Sleeping disorders
  • A weaker sense of taste

Fortunately, these symptoms aren’t common to all vapers, and there is an easy solution for each one of them.

Moreover, you have to remember that quitting smoking itself can cause many undesirable side effects. You shouldn’t be too quick to blame your e-cigarette for these symptoms. Thus, if you’re experiencing a side effect, it’s best to ask yourself whether it started when you began to vape, or if it happened before when you smoked.

Dry mouth

The most common side effect is a feeling of dehydration, which is caused by the propylene glycol (PG) found in most e-liquids. This compound acts directly on your mucous membranes and can therefore cause a dry mouth feeling. A little bit of common sense will solve this issue. Just keep yourself hydrated and maintain a healthy diet. The other solution is to lower your e-liquid’s PG content, by using a liquid with more vegetable glycerine (VG) in it, such as a 30PG/70VG or a 100%VG mix, if your e-cig is compatible, of course.

Dizziness, excitement and sleeping disorders

Nicotine can be responsible for many mild symptoms, such as palpitations, dizziness, excitement or sleeping disorders. If you experience one of these symptoms, it’s likely because you consume too much nicotine. Lowering your nicotine level will quickly get rid of these discomforts.

Weak sense of taste

Finally, your electronic cigarette and, more specifically, your e-liquid, can have an effect on your sense of taste. Indeed, some liquids are so highly concentrated in flavour that they tire your taste buds. If they’re not as permanent as agueusia, these tasting disorders can quickly become annoying.

The best thing to do is to not vape for a few hours, which will allow your taste buds to rest. You can also swap your e-liquid flavour for some fresh mint for one or two days, which should revitalise your palate.

Are electronic cigarettes a good solution for quitting smoking?

Are electronic cigarettes a good solution for quitting smoking?

Statistically, it’s the most effective nicotine substitute on the market, far ahead of the more traditional alternatives, as shown by a study published in 2019 in the New England Journal of Medicine, titled A Randomized Trial of E-cigarettes versus Nicotine-Replacement therapy”.

The study found that 18% of the 886 participants in the vaping group were able to quit smoking at the end of the 52-week study, as opposed to just 9% for the other methods.

This shows that vaping works as a smoking withdrawal tool, and our clients’ numerous testimonials tell us the same thing!

Is there such a thing as passive vaping?

The passive vaping

Although it can be tempting to liken passive smoking to passive vaping, there is no such thing as passive vaping.

As we said earlier, tobacco combustion produces more than 4,000 toxic and carcinogenic substances. When you smoke, you irremediably create a risk for those around you.

However, with electronic cigarettes there is no combustion, and hence no smoke nor toxic substances. Passive smoking as we know it cannot exist. Adding to this, the body absorbs nearly all of the nicotine, PG and VG your e-liquid contains.

Vapour, unlike smoke, clears up very quickly once it’s exhaled. You should still be considerate, though, and avoid puffing your vapour around non-smokers or people who are bothered by it, it's just common sense!

Can we smoke and vape at the same time?

Smoke and vape at the same time

It is not uncommon to see some smokers switch from tobacco to electronic cigarettes by combining vaping and tobacco, especially in the beginning.

Of course, smoking remains harmful for your health, even if you only smoke a few cigarettes a day. Tobacco’s toxicity doesn’t depend on the number of cigarettes, but on how long you’ve been smoking.

If you really want to lessen smoking’s impact on your health, you have no choice but to completely quit smoking. If you struggle to do so in the beginning, we recommend using a liquid with a nicotine level that’s high enough to satisfy your craving.

Also, don't be impatient! Quitting smoking is a process that can take varying amounts of time, and nobody is the same. E-cigarettes are an excellent tool to help you fight tobacco, just be patient and you will succeed!

Your electronic cigarette and everyday life

Your electronic cigarette and everyday life

As you can imagine, you’ll have to change your habits somewhat if you want to quit smoking with an electronic cigarette. The beginnings can be a bit tough whilst you get used to this new tool.

The vaping industry has changed a lot over the years, offering more and more accessible devices that don’t require an extensive vaping knowledge. Everything is designed to provide you with a satisfying experience that’ll keep you away from tobacco.

With time and experience, you might want to switch to a more complex device that better meets your needs. You'll want to discover more about the fascinating world of vaping.

How to set your electronic cigarette

How to set your electronic cigarette

Nowadays, most electronic cigarettes are fitted with a screen that displays various data like battery charge levels and wattages. Depending on the models, you can adjust certain settings to fully customise your vaping experience.

There are two important parameters that need to be taken into account when setting your e-cigarette:

The Ohmage and the Wattage
The Ohmage and the Wattage

The Ohmage (Ω)

This is the coil’s electrical resistance, expressed in Ohms. It is often displayed on your electronic cigarette’s screen or printed onto the coil itself. The lower its value, the more power it’ll need to work.

The Wattage (W)

This is the power produced by the electronic cigarette’s battery, which you can often adjust using the ‘+’ and ‘-’ switches.

Like any electrical circuit, your electronic cigarette is subjected to Ohm's Law. This physical theorem allows you to determine the exact power you need to use, according to your coil’s resistive value and your battery’s voltage (V).

U in Ohm's law

What is voltage?

The electrical voltage (U in Ohm's law) is expressed in Volts (V), it varies depending on the battery’s charge, between 3 and 6V for most models.

It can be used to adjust your electronic cigarette. In general, we recommend a voltage between 3.80V and 4.20V for most coils, as it’s enough to power your equipment, but not enough to burn your coil (known as a ‘dry hit’). For many vapers, the ideal voltage is 4V, but it’s up to you to find your own ‘sweet spot’.

How to find the right vaping power

It's very easy. The ideal power range is written on the coil itself, along with its ohmage. Moreover, the manufacturer sometimes recommends a certain power range for its device.

What is voltage?

Here’s a chart that’ll help you find the right power (in Watts) for your coil, according to its resistive value (in Ohms). This chart will also help you set the voltage (in Volts). Try out various settings to find your sweet spot.

How to take care of your electronic cigarette

As with any piece of equipment, you’ll have to take care of your e-cigarette if you want it to last as long as possible.

Indeed, an e-cigarette uses various consumables that must be replaced now and again.

E-liquid pictogram

The e-liquid

Replace e-liquid

As you’d expect, the e-liquid is what you’ll be replacing the most often, as soon as the e-cig’s tank is empty.

How often you buy e-liquid will obviously depend on your consumption, which varies depending on your ecig’s power and how frequently you vape. Some vapers get through 10ml in a single day, whereas others will make that same quantity last for a whole week, it depends.

Coil pictogram

The coil

Your clearomiser’s coil should be changed regularly, which is every two weeks on average.

Its wear will vary depending on:

  • How frequently you vape
  • The power you use
  • The type of e-liquid you use. A liquid with a high VG (vegetable glycerine) content or a very sweet flavour will wear out the coil faster.

If your electronic cigarette produces less vapour, if your e-liquid’s flavours taste different, or if you feel a burnt taste, then it's time to change your coil.

Tank pictogram

The tank

The tank, also referred to as a ‘Pyrex’ as it’s often made out of borosilicate Pyrex glass, is the part where the e-liquid is stored. Over time, it can become damaged and break, especially if your e-cigarette hits the ground. Fortunately, most manufacturers offer spare tanks for their products.

Mod pictogram

The mod

The mod is the part that provides the energy needed to heat the clearomiser's coil and produce vapour. A battery has a lifespan of about 1 to 5 years, depending on how many times it’s been charged and how it’s been looked after.

We strongly recommend you clean it from time to time with a cloth and some cleaning product. Never rinse your mod or battery with water!

Clearomiser pictogram

The clearomiser

The clearomiser

The clearomiser doesn’t have to be replaced, as long as you’re happy with it. However, a bit of regular maintenance will keep it in good working condition.

Indeed, some e-liquids clog the clearomiser faster than others, especially the sweetest ones. Add to this the gunk and dust that gets into your clearomiser when it’s carried around in your pocket or bag, and you understand why this piece needs cleaning regularly.

It’s a good idea to give your whole clearomiser a clean when you’re changing your coil, as you have to take several bits apart to do so anyway. Simply rinse every part with clean water, then dry it with a clean cloth. Once the parts are dry, you can put your clearomiser back together.

Caution : never clean a coil with water, or the cotton inside it won’t be able to soak up the e-liquid anymore.

How often should I refill my electronic cigarette with e-liquid?

How often should I refill my electronic cigarette with e-liquid?

Your e-liquid consumption is influenced by two things:

  • How frequently you vape, i.e, the number of puffs you inhale.
  • Your vaping power, i.e, the wattage your equipment uses. The higher the wattage, the more e-liquid is vapourised.

It’s important to always keep the coil’s wick soaked with e-liquid to avoid burning said coil. So, always fill your electronic cigarette’s tank before it’s completely empty if you want to increase the coil’s lifespan.

If you cannot see the amount of e-liquid left in your tank, pay attention to its taste and the amount of vapour your e-cig is producing. If you’re not producing enough vapour, or if your e-liquid lacks flavour, consider adding more e-liquid into your tank.

Indirect inhaling or direct inhaling?

Indirect inhaling or direct inhaling?

This is the type of draw you get with your electronic cigarette. Choosing one or the other will change your vaping experience.

Indirect inhaling

Indirect inhaling:

Also known as MTL (Mouth To Lung) vaping, it offers a tight draw where the vapour is stored in the mouth for a short while, before entering the lungs. This is the way a lot of beginners vape, as they get a similar feel to that of a tobacco cigarette.

If you’re just starting out, we recommend using an MTL draw.

MTL works best with a relatively simple e-cigarette, equipped with a coil of more than 1 ohm. Vape at a low power and take long, slow puffs.

Direct inhaling

Direct inhaling:

This is an open and airier draw, also called DTL (Direct To Lung). The vapour goes straight into the lungs, there is no holding it in the mouth. Those who’ve smoked a hookah before will know what this feeling is like.

This type of inhaling is more suited to experienced vapers, as it’s completely different from the draw you get with tobacco cigarettes. You also need a suitable electronic cigarette:

  • The coil must be of 1 ohm or less.
  • The mod or battery must deliver enough power
  • The clearomiser’s air intakes must be wide open for such an airy draw
  • The drip tip must be wide enough to allow all this vapour to exit the clearomiser, whereas it should be tighter for an indirect inhale

If you’re not sure which one to pick, the best thing to do is to try both types of inhaling and see which one suits you best. There are many electronic cigarettes that allow you to switch from one type of draw to the other, simply by swapping the coil.

Keep in mind that, in most cases, a beginner who wants to quit smoking will prefer an indirect inhale. Of course, you can switch from one to the other at any time, as soon as you feel comfortable with your equipment.

How to make a lot of vapour

How to make a lot of vapour

In order to produce a lot of vapour with an electronic cigarette, there are several things that need to be combined, including specific pieces of equipment and a certain technique. This practice is known in the vaping world as ‘cloud chasing’ or ‘power vaping’.


A sub-ohm clearomiser

The amount of vapour your electronic cigarette produces largely depends on which clearomiser you’re using. Indeed, you’ll get more or less vapour depending on the type of coil you use, the coil’s resistive value, and the airflow.

Thus, if you want lots of vapour, it’s best to opt for a sub-ohm clearomiser, as it uses a coil of less than 1 ohm, perfect for producing huge clouds of vapour.

And if you want to go to the next level and are experienced enough, why not try a rebuildable atomiser? With this type of device, you have to build your own coils, hence its name. Therefore, rebuildable atomisers allow you to fully customise your vaping experience.


A sufficiently powerful mod

If you use a sub-ohm clearomiser with a low-value coil, you need enough power to make the whole thing work. That's why the amount of vapour your e-cig produces depends on which battery you’re using. The lower the coil is, the more power you need.

Thus, producing lots of vapour with a sub-ohm clearomiser requires an adjustable mod with a variable power setting, along with a sufficient power output (wattage) to make the coil work.


A high-VG e-liquid

This might not be the first thing you think of, but if you want a lot of vapour, you need to use the right type of e-liquid.

Indeed, e-liquids with a high vegetable glycerine (VG) content produce more vapour. However, they aren’t as tasty and clog up your coils faster.


The right technique

It’s important to understand the difference between vaping and smoking, as they are two very different actions. You don’t vape an e-cigarette like you smoke a cigarette, and you need to keep that in mind, especially if you’re a beginner.

If you vape the same way you smoke, i.e, with an indirect inhale where you keep the vapour in your mouth before exhaling, then you won’t get a lot of vapour. This is why you should opt for a direct inhale (DTL) instead. The latter will result in longer puffs that go straight to your lungs, which are then quickly exhaled and thus become huge clouds of vapour.

Is vaping banned in public places?

Vaping banned

Since the implementation on the 1st October 2017 of the decree n°2017-633, it is forbidden to vape in public places in France. Let’s see what this really means.

You cannot vape in schools, trains or public transports. However, it’s up to the manager to decide in public establishments like cafés, bars, hotels and restaurants.

It’s a little more complex at work, though, as the law states that you can vape if you’re on your own in your office. But on the other hand, it is forbidden to vape in enclosed collective workplaces, such as meeting rooms, open spaces, cafeterias, etc. Also, know that your employer doesn’t have to create a dedicated area for you to vape in.

How to vape without coughing

Coughing when vaping

Coughing when vaping is often linked to a poorly used electronic cigarette, especially among beginners. It’s not uncommon for vapers to cough, but it’s very easy to fix.

As you already know, vaping is completely different from smoking, and so you’ll need to adopt new habits.

The issue can come from the equipment or the e-liquid, however. Here are a few things you can try if you’re coughing with your electronic cigarette:

  • Opt for an indirect inhale with an MTL clearomiser (tight draw)
  • Adjust your e-liquid’s nicotine level to suit your needs
  • Use e-liquids with a high VG (Vegetable Glycerin) content
  • Avoid sub-ohm clearomisers with an airy draw (DTL vaping)
  • Take long and spaced out puffs
  • Vape at a low power


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