Enjoy quitting smoking thanks to electronic cigarettes

You're quitting smoking for vaping?

Saying goodbye to your cigarettes isn't easy. Indeed, you're leaving years of habit behind to discover completely new ones. Gone are the packets, the lighters, the unpleasant smells and the toxic products responsible for so many serious diseases. You already know that quitting smoking and getting rid of this addiction is not an easy decision to make, but how about doing it in a pleasant way?

j'arrête de fumer avec la cigarette electronique

This is what electronic cigarettes have to offer, thanks to their revolutionary operation. You won't be smoking anymore, you'll be vapourising a liquid, and this changes everything! You must have heard about this new tool and how it helps thousands of smokers quit or at least reduce their tobacco consumption. This useful and straightforward device allows you to stop smoking whilst keeping up your smoking habits. More than 7.5 million Europeans have already adopted it as a smoking withdrawal tool, so why not you?

Books, hypnosis, gums, acupuncture, Champix, patches or alternative medicine, many ways of fighting tobacco addiction have appeared over the years, with more or less convincing results. However, the electronic cigarette shows to be 36% effective among former smokers, which is far more than any traditional nicotine substitute.

Therefore, it’s becoming an increasingly important tool in the fight against tobacco. It helps smokers quit their habit, or at least reduce their consumption, and by extension, lowers the risk of them developing serious diseases.

In addition to this, the price of tobacco is ever-increasing, in France at least. Smoking is expensive and this trend isn’t likely to change. By 2020, a packet of cigarettes will reach the symbolic threshold of 10 euros. So, it seems like the perfect time to free yourself from tobacco’s grip, and save a considerable sum in the process. Indeed, a former smoker spends about 5 times less on vaping than he used to do on tobacco, which is definitely food for thought.

Stop à la clope Guerre entre le tabac et la cigarette electronique

Quitting smoking with a vaping device offers many more benefits than just saving you money:

  • Moins dangereux
    Electronic cigarettes are less dangerous than tobacco because there’s no combustion, so no carbon monoxide, no tar, and none of the 4000 toxic substances found in cigarettes, of which 50 at least are proven to be carcinogenic.
  • on garde le geste
    You stop smoking whilst retaining your smoking gestures.
  • sevrage
    You can carry on giving your body the nicotine it needs and regulate it at the same time.
  • pas de tabagisme passif
    No passive smoking when using e-cigarettes, you look after your health and of those around you, and that’s priceless!

Why smoke when you can vape?

Schema ecigarette

This question is not as recent as it may seem, as a quick look at the past shows us that the electronic cigarette as we know it is the result of a long series of patents and innovations.

Indeed, patents have been filed for various mechanical vaping devices for nearly a hundred years. It was in 1963, though, that Herbert A. Gilbert invented the first electronic device designed to replace the classic tobacco cigarette. Unfortunately, the concept didn't go any further and no prototype was produced.

Forty years later, a Chinese pharmacist named Hon Lik invented the first personal vapouriser to help his father who was battling with lung cancer. The concept proved popular and began being marketed in 2009. And this is how the e-cigarette as we know it today began its tremendous adventure.

This small device uses a battery and a metal coil to vapourise an e-liquid, and it is truly revolutionary. It offers smokers an effective alternative to the scourge that is tobacco, responsible for millions of deaths across the globe every year.

To put it briefly, tobacco kills more than malaria, AIDS, war and terrorism combined. Tobacco is the biggest health issue worldwide. The solution is simple, stop smoking cigarettes, and vaping can definitely help you do so.

Are electronic cigarettes helpful for quitting smoking?

The main observation we can make about vaping as a withdrawal tool is that it has a huge advantage over its competitors. Indeed, you don't have to stop smoking completely before you start vaping. This simple fact changes everything, as you can take the time to choose your equipment, your e-liquid and your nicotine level, all while reducing your tobacco consumption as you go along.

Bit by bit, you won't feel the need to smoke anymore. For some users this transition happens very smoothly from the first day. On average, though, it takes between a week and a month to get rid of your old smoking habits and lower your dependency.

The important thing is to find your own rhythm and feel good when you're vaping, and for that you need the proper equipment.

Femme vapoteuse

In the beginning, simple all-in-one kits will enable you to get the hang of vaping and discover the practice. We've already prepared a selection of electronic cigarettes that'll suit your particular smoking habits.

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Stack the odds in your favour

It's a good idea to have two electronic cigarettes on you when you're starting your tobacco withdrawal, so as to not run out of battery and thus prevent any frustration that could lead you to light up a cigarette again.

You'll also need to choose an e-liquid to go inside your electronic cigarette before you vape. There are three criteria that must be taken into account when choosing your liquid:

  • its nicotine level
  • its propylene glycol / vegetable glycerin (PG/VG) ratio, which forms the basis of the e-liquid
  • its flavour

The key is to be at ease with your nicotine and have fun with the flavours. Therefore, you shouldn't be afraid to try several nicotine dosages and flavours to find the right balance, i.e. the perfect combination that'll guarantee a successful smoking withdrawal.

Pause cigarette

How to choose your e-liquid:

  • Find a nicotine level that suits you and provides the best 'hit' (the muscular contraction you feel in your throat when the vapour passes through), which will prevent any withdrawal symptoms such as impatience, mood swings, insomnia or anxiety. Therefore, if you pick the right one, you're less likely to relapse.
  • Pick a taste you'll enjoy, and don't hesistate to try out several flavours if you can't find one you like right away.
  • Choose a PG/VG ratio that provides you with the best taste, hit, and vapour thickness, depending on your preferences.
A&L Ultimate Ragnarok Choice of the team

A&L Ultimate Ragnarok

An e-liquid with a unique wave of fruity and fresh flavors!
A&L Ultimate Oni Choice of the team

A&L Ultimate Oni

Enjoy the most famous of lemon and lime duo without wasting another minute!

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Why choose Arômes et Liquides?

Arômes et Liquides, A&L for short, is an adventure that was started by a group of vapers in 2012 in a small town near Saint-Étienne, France.

Supported by a now legendary webforum, the company quickly specialised in DIYing, which is the practice of making your own e-liquids for your electronic cigarette. Consequently, the Panda brand rapidly established itself as a key player of the vaping market.

Thanks to its team of passionate vapers, the catalogue was rapidly fleshed out with renowned brands and products, tested and approved by our team of experts.

The A&L brand is also renowned for its creativity, its quality, and how diverse its catalogue is. We also created many flavour concentrates that are now considered a key part of the vaping world. The Panda, Creations, and more recently the Ultimate range, have quickly established themselves on the vaping scene and offer a quality alternative to the best e-liquids already out there.

A&L à vos cotés depuis 2012
Gamme Panda par A&L
Gamme création pas A&L
Game ultimate par A&L
A&L Stores des boutiques près de chez vous

Finally, thanks to A&L's shops network, Arômes et Liquides is always in the middle of the action. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, feel free to pop in. Our staff will be happy to share their expertise and guide you towards the best products for your specific needs.

The fact that you're choosing A&L to help you quit smoking is a great honour for us. Vaping was designed first and foremost to improve the health and save the lives of all those who were fooled by the tobacco industry's machinations. That's why Arômes et Liquides exists.

We're fighting the scourge that is tobacco, and we do our best to offer a pleasant experience every time you shop with us, along with personalised advice.

The electronic cigarette's benefits

If the electronic cigarette is so popular among smokers and works so well, it's because its benefits surpass those of traditional nicotine substitutes like patches, Champix or gums.

Indeed, an e-cigarette provides you with a very similar feel to that of a tobacco cigarette. Even if its format varies depending on the model, it'll fit in the palm of your hand and even between your fingers for some of them. You put it in your mouth, inhale the vapour like if it was smoke, and then exhale. The vapour feels so much like ordinary cigarette smoke that it produces the same 'hit' in the throat, which smokers enjoy a lot.

Moreover, you won't experience any withdrawal symptoms, no matter how addicted you are to nicotine. With an e-cig you can continue giving your body the nicotine it craves, and you can adjust the dosage to match your specific needs.

A&L pro de la vape
Cigarette vs tabac

The electronic cigarette is also a pleasant way of quitting smoking, as you can change your e-liquid's flavour when you want. You're no longer limited to tobacco's burnt taste, there are thousands of flavours to choose from! You can try out all sorts of recipes and even rediscover the real taste of tobacco, if that's what you prefer.

But most importantly, vaping is a great way of keeping clear of the 4,000 + substances found in tobacco smoke, of which at least 50 are recognised as carcinogenic. And if that number wasn't large enough, new substances are still being discovered to this day.

Vaping doesn't produce or contain any of these harmful elements, since it doesn't combust at all.

Finally, quitting smoking with an electronic cigarette will also save you a lot of money. In France, as of January 2020, a pack of cigarettes costs 10 euros. This symbolic threshold has driven many smokers to adopt electronic cigarettes and take care of their wallet as well as their health.

Who hasn't dreamt of using the money they usually spend on tobacco to instead go on holiday or buy a car, for example? This dream can now become reality thanks to vaping, since a vaper cuts his tobacco budget by at least 5, on average. This alone is convincing enough to quit smoking.

Avantage Economique de la cigarette electronique

I want to start using an electronic cigarette

You've decided to say goodbye to smoking and switched to vaping to help you quit. You'll discover that it is possible to quit smoking in a pleasant way, and that it's not always an ordeal. You're keener than ever to start using an electronic cigarette.

However, you may feel a bit lost at first when faced with the countless models, e-liquids, and functionalities the e-cig market has to offer. This is quite normal, as buying your first ecig is like buying your first smartphone, you must know how to turn it on before you can make a phone call.

Based on our experience since 2012, we do everything we can to help you find the best solution, whether it's for the electronic cigarette itself, the e-liquid, or the nicotine level.

If you want to learn everything there is to know about vaping, then keep on reading!

Better understanding the electronic cigarette

You've just taken your first steps as a vaper, your smoking life is almost behind you, but this whole new world of electronic cigarettes intrigues you. You want to learn more, understand it, and discover the best equipment and e-liquid for the job.

Arômes et Liquides is a shop created by vapers for vapers. Make the most of our expertise and follow our advice on rebuildable vaping, making your own coils, choosing between an electronic or mechanical mod, understanding Ohm's law, how the batteries work, what the temperature control mode does, etc.

There are many ways of enjoying electronic cigarettes, so let our team of vaping artisans accompany you on your journey, alongside our online community and our wide range of e-cig equipment.

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