The benefits of vaping

You want to quit smoking and switch to electronic cigarettes as an alternative to tobacco, but do you know why it's so effective and enjoyed by former smokers?

If we hear so much about e-cigarettes today, it's because they're a credible and effective aid in quitting smoking. It's more and more widespread in France, where it has become a major tool in reducing the risks linked to tobacco. In the United Kingdom, vaping is even advertised on cigarette packets.

Indeed, e-cigarettes have a simple functioning and an attractive price compared to usual cigarettes. They also replicate the feeling of smoking a traditional cigarette and provide the user with the appropriate nicotine consumption, all while avoiding the dangers linked to tobacco's combustion.
You get to keep the old gestures you had with cigarettes, and the vapour produced by the e-cigs looks just like cigarette smoke. Therefore, electronic cigarettes do a lot more than the so-called 'traditional' nicotine substitutes, including gums, drugs or patches.

Thus, vaping prevents about 75,000 tobacco-related deaths in France every year, with a record effectiveness. Let's discover together the main benefits of electronic cigarettes, which will hopefully enable you to let go of smoking!

Cigarettes, a devil in disguise

Tobacco cigarettes are ruining your life. Firmly jammed between your fingers, they've been a part of your daily life for a very long time.
Yet, these little things, which may seem banal, kill more people every year than malaria, war, AIDS, and terrorism combined. In short, it's the most critical health problem the world has ever known. This addiction is rooted into our society, and has been for many years now. Thus, it has become very difficult to get rid of it.

A great number of smokers justify their smoking habit by the social link it creates. The classic example is the well-known 'cigarette break'.
You never see anyone taking a cigarette break with only a nicotine patch stuck on their shoulder, do you? Well, an electronic cigarette can easily replace your tobacco cigarette, without looking out of place. And it even does it very well.
Removing the cigarette from the 'cigarette break' kind of defeats its point. When vaping, you still feel like you're taking part in the cigarette break, but by releasing magnificent clouds of flavoured vapour, instead of smelly tobacco smoke. Maybe one day the 'vaping break' will replace the 'cigarette break'!

une pause vape ?
Instant détente en vapant

One of the main benefits of e-cigarettes is that they allow you to keep your old habits and gestures. Whether it's the iconic cigarette break, or the cigarette you light up during your morning coffee or your evening drink, you can replace it with an electronic cigarette.
Indeed, vaping enables you to wean yourself off your smoking habits bit by bit, until you're capable of getting rid of them entirely. Thus, you can still enjoy these breaks with your friends or colleagues, whilst quitting smoking and protecting your health at the same time!

Vaping, the effective gesture

Vape sur Pod

If electronic cigarettes have become so successful among former smokers, it's because they allow you to keep the gestures and rituals that used to be associated with your former smoking life.

When you've been smoking for several years, the simple act of carrying a cigarette to your mouth is practically automatic. You may have already tapped a pen in the same way as a cigarette, as if you wanted to make the ash fall down.

These reflexes are a part of any smoker's life, and unfortunately traditional nicotine substitutes can't do anything to fight them. This feeling of emptiness is very difficult for the transitioning smokers.

The e-cigarette, for its part, allows you to keep these habits and simply replace them. Indeed, an electronic cigarette is put in your mouth and drawn on, similarly to a classic cigarette.

Moreover, it produces a vapour that looks very much like smoke. All of this fools your body into thinking it's smoking a cigarette when it's not, guaranteeing a successful smoking withdrawal!

Vaping, a helpful distraction from tobacco

Communauté de la vape

Another argument in favour of vaping is the entertainment it provides. This weaning tool has become a real hobby for many vapers. Over the years, vaping has gathered a wide community of passionate creators, present in forums, trade fairs, magazines, and even on Youtube!

It's also possible to configure your electronic cigarette down to the smallest detail, from the mod (the battery) to the clearomizer (the tank). Indeed, you can opt for an electronic or a mechanical box, with a built-in or a removable battery. The latter is available in several sizes and offers many more configurations. Furthermore, you can use a rebuildable atomizer or a dripper, which allow you to make your own coils according to your preferences.

You're no longer limited to the simple beginner kits such as the Aio and its sealed cartridges, you can customise your vaping experience to a tee. All this will rapidly make you forget your old-fashioned tobacco cigarettes!

Vaping makes your life easier

As you may have understood already, electronic cigarettes are beneficial for your health, as opposed to tobacco cigarettes. They're also more effective than other nicotine substitutes.

They have a record effectiveness, and prevent the risks linked to tobacco and its toxic combustion, of course. They also protect you from the side effects associated with usual nicotine substitutes like patches and gums:

  • Mouth irritations, hiccups, and stomach burns, when you use the gums or tablets
  • Skin rashes and even eczema, when using the patches.

With vaping, there's no risk of getting a nicotine overdose, which could cause various side effects such as insomnia or palpitations.

Indeed, an e-liquid allows you to adjust how much nicotine is inside it, according to your needs. This makes all the difference.

You can still vape with an electronic cigarette and smoke a few cigarettes on the side if you wish. This'll help your body wean itself off tobacco at your own pace, without any risk of side effects, greatly increasing the probability of quitting successfully.

The added value of flavours

Another one of the electronic cigarette's major advantages is that it offers an infinite array of e-liquid flavours.

Gone is the awful taste of burnt tobacco, or the gum's artificial flavour.

Vaping, and by extension the flavour of your e-liquid, lets you trade smoking for a delicious taste of dessert, drink or fruit, among many others!

If you do want to retain the taste of tobacco however, there are plenty of unique blends that'll amaze you for sure!

All in all, thousands of flavours and recipes are available to you, so why would you deprive yourself of them?

Vaper des saveurs variées

Taking care of your health with electronic cigarettes

Vaper en toute simplicité

When you know that tobacco is responsible for 75,000 deaths every year in France, and that electronic cigarettes are one of the most effective tools for reducing the risks linked to tobacco, it goes without saying that vaping provides a much healthier alternative to smoking.

If you swap your tobacco cigarette for an electronic cigarette, we can guarantee that you'll notice an immediate change in your health:

  • your taste
  • your smell
  • your breathing

These are the first senses to return once you stop smoking and switch to an electronic cigarette.
Moreover, vaping prevents the risk of oral infections and skin yellowing.

Of course, electronic cigarettes limit the severe risks linked to tobacco, including many diseases. Cigarette smoke is full of carbon monoxide, and contains over 4,000 harmful substances, of which at least 50 are known to be carcinogenic, and we keep discovering new ones to this day.

The vapour produced by an electronic cigarette contains none of these compounds, because there isn't any combustion and therefore, no tar. Public Health England has published a study that concludes that e-cigarettes are 95% safer than smoking tobacco, and other scientific studies confirm this. They're a real acknowledgment of the e-cigarette's role in the fight against smoking.

Cigarette Nocive

Vaping preserves the health of those around you

When you quit smoking, you take care of your health, but you also protect other people's health. In France, almost a million people are exposed to passive smoking. It's responsible for 3,000 to 5,000 deaths every year.

Here again, thanks to electronic cigarettes, the tobacco combustion and its smoke, packed with over 4,000 harmful chemicals, disappears completely. The produced vapour is harmless, so there's no such thing as passive vaping.

Save money with electronic cigarettes

Cigarette Electronique Economique !

Abandoning smoking in favour of vaping is beneficial for your health of course, but it's also interesting if you want to save some money.
Indeed, vaping allows you to make significant savings, especially if you compare it to the ever-rising cost of tobacco. This should further convince you to quit smoking, even more when you know that a pack of cigarettes is more than 10€ in France.

A gradual transition, thanks to vaping

Transition vers la cigarette electronique

Where electronic cigarettes truly shine is in their power to help you transition from tobacco to vaping in a smooth fashion. This gradual transition is determined by your personal preferences and goals, instead of having to follow the fixed pace of a nicotine substitute.

Thus, electronic cigarettes offer more flexibility, and better accompany the smoker in withdrawing from his old tobacco habits. Quitting smoking is no longer painful or brutal, vapers have full control.

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