The e-cigarette, an amazing experience

You were a smoker or you're about to quit smoking once and for all. You've discovered the unique world of vaping. A world where the e-cigarette is much more than a simple weaning tool, it's a way of life that allows you to step away from the tobacco industry for good.

This universe, full of enthusiastic and passionate vapers, has many experiences in store for you. The devices themselves are ever more powerful, efficient, and successfully designed. They'll surely change your life when you begin vaping, or may have already done so.

Understandably, you want to know more about this particular topic. Well, you're in the right place. Arômes et Liquides has a team of vaping enthusiasts who are eager to share their passion and knowledge about the tool that's changed their lives.

You know how it works but want to go further

If you read these lines, you've probably been vaping for some time now. Your all-in-one kit, no matter how good it is, might not be enough for you anymore.

You want to learn more, discover more, enjoy your favourite e-liquid's flavours with more accuracy and finesse.

Vaping is an incredibly diverse practice. Indeed, no vaper will experience it in the same way, which is what makes it so successful and appealing. Thus, it's very important to us that everyone finds the right device and e-liquid for their specific needs, so that they can get rid of tobacco for good.

Personal vapourisers are, first of all, a tool in the fight against tobacco. They often become a hobby in and of itself for vapers, as well as a symbol of their victory against their old addiction.

Allez plus loi avec la cigarette electronique
Mouillez le cotton du dripper

You've mastered the basics of vaping, including how to vape and how to fill your tank, and you want to improve your experience and get better results?

You can use our expertise to help you change your device or equipment, opting for a more powerful clearomizer, a more powerful box, or even a rebuildable atomizer for the most curious and perfectionist among you!

Perfecting and customising your vaping experience

This is what distinguishes the e-cigarette from any other nicotine substitute. Indeed, the wide variety of devices available today allows you to configure every single parameter of your vape. This major advantage explains why vaping is so effective among former smokers.

You can effortlessly combine pleasure and smoking withdrawal. If you've stopped smoking for a while, you know exactly what we're talking about.

If your curiosity brought you here, it's surely because you want more in terms of flavour rendition, amount of vapour, power, or autonomy. Perhaps you simply want to change your ecig for an aesthetic reason? You’ve come to the right place.

Numerous accessories and spare parts allow you to entirely customise your e-cigarette, down to the last detail.

It can begin with the drip tip, the tank's mouthpiece. There are all kinds of drip tips, available in many materials and colours. You can easily adapt your draw by changing this small piece, at a low cost.

You can also switch between several types of vaping, like going from an indirect inhale to a direct inhale, without having to change your device every time. Rebuildable atomizers fulfil this role nicely, by enabling you to make your own coil.

In the same way, drippers allow you to easily taste an e-liquid without having to clean all of your kit, as a dripper is a tankless atomizer. This device is much loved by DIY vapers, who like to use it to test their home-made e-liquids.

Un large choix pour chaque type de vapoteur

E-liquids and their countless possibilities

Like the electronic cigarettes themselves, e-liquids are also incredibly varied and offer many flavours. Manufacturers create countless recipes, including blends of fruity, sweet, or drink tastes.

You'll hear about famous brands like Alfaliquid, T-Juice, or Vampire Vape, whose Red Astaire and Heisenberg juices have become international bestsellers.

In addition, DIYing lets you mix your own e-cigarette liquid with ease, at a fraction of the cost of a ready-made e-liquid. When doing so, it's up to you to mix your flavour concentrate with a base liquid, which has a certain ratio of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. Depending on its ratio, your e-liquid will either have a stronger hit or produce more vapour. It's up to you!

Luckily for you, A&L is an online store that's specialised in DIYing, a leader of electronic cigarette products in France, founded in 2013.

Thanks to DIYing, you can swap your tired tobacco-flavoured e-liquid for a more interesting juice, or improve it by mixing in another taste. You can use bottles of various sizes and dose your mixtures to your liking, creating your ideal recipe.

Liquide saveur café Liquide saveur fruits rouges

A choice of specific devices for the experienced vapers

Un large choix de matériels

Make the most of A&L's unrivalled expertise in the field of e-cigarettes. We offer quality devices since 2013, selected by our experts to meet all your vaping needs, all at the best price.

Thus, you can indulge in rebuildable vaping, make your own coil for your atomizer, and improve your vaping experience in every way.

You'll also have access to the best box mods on the market, with a greater autonomy, more performance and more customisable settings. But if you want to keep things at a basic and more accessible level, our selection of easy-to-use clearomizers will allow you to discover vaping without complicating the matter.

Clearomisers, the quick and easy choice


The clearomiser is the most easily replaced part of your electronic cigarette. It has a coil and a tank inside it. You can find it in all-in-one kits for beginners, where it's usually built into the electronic cigarette itself. It can also be a separate component, a customisable piece that can be used with any battery you wish.

If you choose one of the latter, you can entirely customise your vaping experience and pick the right device for your needs.

Whether you're looking for a tight or an open draw, a large capacity, or a large selection of coils, you'll find the best of market's products on A&L's webstore, including those from the biggest manufacturers like Eleaf, Joyetech, Smoke or Aspire.

Box mods, for more autonomy


Box mods are modified electronic cigarettes, as their name entails. Notably, they allow you to enjoy a better autonomy, thanks to bigger batteries. Mods have either one or two of these batteries, and can often be removed, depending on the device. This explains why they're generally larger than cigalikes, podmods, and small beginner kits.

Electronic boxes also offer you more settings and power, to better suit your vaping preferences. Swap your built-in battery for a removable battery, with a mod capable of outputting more watts!

Electronic mods are a reliable solution for optimising your vaping experience, and you can pick from countless models, with many different shapes and colours.

Atomisers, for a precise vape

If you wish to perfect your vaping experience, down to the smallest detail, you can opt for a rebuildable atomiser.

It's a device that allows you to make your own coil, according to your preferences.

You control every factor of your electronic cigarette. By adapting your coil and its resistive value, you can choose to have more vapour, more flavour, or a balance between the two. Rebuildable vaping is more economical, but also more fun than using a simple clearomizer!

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