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Retrouvez tout le nécessaire à la fabrication de votre e-liquide pour cigarette électronique. Arômes et Liquides vous propose un grand choix d'arômes concentrés, de bases nicotinées, mais aussi de matériel pour le DIY. Vous trouverez en effet des seringues, des flacons de type PET ou Unicorn de différentes tailles et avec différents embouts pour remplir votre cigarette électronique et stocker le e-liquide que vous aurez fabriqué.

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Making your own e-liquid is an economical and creative way of getting a vaping product that suits your exact tastes and needs.

By mixing three simple ingredients, namely a base liquid, some flavours, and a bit of nicotine if you wish, you’ll obtain a liquid that can be vapourised with ease!

You’ll be able to choose its composition and viscosity, and you’ll be carrying it in a glass or plastic bottle.

Switching to an electronic cigarette has already saved you some money, no doubt. Well, you can save more by making your own DIY e-liquid. Indeed, a homemade eliquid can be up to 10 times cheaper than a ready-made juice!

In addition to being a cheaper alternative, it’s a great way of experimenting and finding THE vaping blend that’ll keep you away from tobacco forever!

Endless customisation awaits, and a few basic notions will turn you into a juice-making specialist in no time!

DIY - do it yourself

Are you tired of the same old ready-made liquids? Fed up of all these plastic bottles you’re throwing away each time? Well, DIYing is for you!
When you make your own e-liquid, you have total control over its composition. For example, you can adjust the PG/VG ratio, which determines how much vapour your juice will produce. However, the main appeal of DIYing is the plethora of flavours that are available to you. Gourmet blends, fruity mixtures, all sorts of combinations are here on A&L’s website. You’re free to mix and match the flavours to your heart’s content!

When making your own eliquid, the only limit is your imagination! And if you do find a recipe you like and don’t intend to change it anytime soon, then there's nothing stopping you from making 1 litre of juice in advance if you wish! If you change your equipment and can’t taste the flavours any more, simply add a bit more flavouring to your mix.

Why make your own e-liquid?

There are several good reasons for making your own e-liquid.

Cost pictogram

The first one is obviously the cost, since self-made liquids are cheaper. Companies make you pay quite a bit for their mixture, but buying the ingredients separately will definitely save you some money in the long run!

Amount of juice pictogram

Another benefit of DIYing is that you can make a large amount of juice in one go. Indeed, European ready-made e-liquids with nicotine in them can only be sold in bottles of 10ml or less, due to the TPD enforced in May 2016. But DIYing allows you to prepare a whole litre of your favourite recipe if you wish! You can mix a big batch in advance!

Customization pictogram

The ability to customise your vape down to the last detail is also a major advantage of DIYing. You get to pick and choose the flavours you like and make your own blend, thus creating the perfect e-liquid. You can adjust the amount of flavouring that goes into your recipe. If you feel it’s a bit lacking, simply add a few drops of flavour concentrate. Conversely, if you want your juice to have a more mellow taste, lower the flavour’s dosage.

Vapour pictogram

You can even adjust the amount of vapour your e-cigarette produces! Indeed, it’s influenced by two parameters:

  • The equipment you use: the power sent to your clearomiser or atomiser will change the vapour output.
  • The vegetable glycerin (VG) content of your e-liquid. You’re the one who determines this when DIYing, as opposed to the set PG/VG ratio of ready-made e-liquids!
Nicotine pictogram

Making your own DIY e-liquid also allows you to precisely select its nicotine content. Ready-made juices are usually available with a 3, 6, 12, or 18mg/ml nicotine dosage. If you switch from 6mg/ml to 3mg/ml in one go, for example, that’s half the nicotine you used to inhale! Therefore, a homemade e-liquid allows you to opt for an intermediate dosage that could make your smoking withdrawal smoother. You can, for example, make an e-liquid with 2, 5, or even 1 mg/ml of nicotine in it. Transitioning from one nicotine level to the next is often an obstacle in the fight against nicotine addiction, and DIYing can definitely help you out.

Flavours saveurs

Finally, DIYing allows you to mix all sorts of flavours, without any limitations. You can create a unique eliquid that suits you perfectly and doesn’t exist anywhere else.

As you can see, DIYing has many advantages. It would be a shame not to make the most of it!

Which base liquid to use for DIY e-liquid making?

The base is an essential part of any DIY e-liquid. It allows you to make your own home-made e-liquid, once it’s combined with a flavour concentrate and maybe some nicotine if you wish. It’s made from vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol, and both ingredients play a specific role. The ratio of PG (propylene glycol) to VG (vegetable glycerin) varies. You’ll find bases with a 50/50 or a 30/70 mix, for example. This ratio is always expressed as PG/VG on our website, so if a base liquid is listed as ‘30/70’, it means that it contains 30% propylene glycol and 70% vegetable glycerin.

Being able to decipher a base’s PG/VG ratio is important, but understanding what it implies is also key to DIYing.

Base = propylene glycol + vegetable glycerin
Comparative PG / VG

A base liquid doesn’t have any real flavour. Only the vegetable glycerin has a slightly sweet taste. This base is made up of two compounds:

  • PG, or propylene glycol, which serves as a flavour enhancer. It’s also responsible for the muscular contraction you feel in your throat, known as the ‘hit’. This particular feeling is sought after by many vapers. It doesn’t produce much vapour and is very fluid.
  • VG, or vegetable glycerin, is not as good a flavour enhancer as propylene glycol, but helps produce a dense and smooth vapour. It’s very thick.

Here are the most common types of base liquids:

  • 80% Propylene Glycol / 20% Vegetable Glycerin: this type of base results in an e-liquid that produces little vapour, but with a strong taste. The ‘hit’ is quite strong.
  • 50% Propylene Glycol / 50% Vegetable Glycerin: this type of base offers balanced e-liquid flavours. It’s an excellent mix of flavours and vapour.
  • 30% Propylene Glycol / 70% Vegetable Glycerin: this base produces a lot of vapour. Its higher glycerin content makes it more viscous, so it should only be used in powerful e-cigarettes.


Nowadays, all base liquids are sold without any nicotine in them. You’ll have to add ‘nicotine boosters’ to your DIY liquid to reach the desired nicotine content, if you want any of course (Arômes et Liquides has a handy tool that tells you just how many boosters you’ll need for a specific mixture). You can also buy packs that contain the base liquid and the appropriate amount of nicotine boosters to achieve a certain nicotine content, which make DIYing easier.

Be careful, though, as your device can’t always handle all types of base liquid. High-power clearomisers and atomisers are better suited for high-VG liquids, thus preventing any leaks. On the other hand, kits designed for indirect inhaling, or MTL, require a more fluid liquid with less VG in it to work properly.

Understanding these two parameters will allow you to determine the exact PG/VG ratio for your DIY e-liquid. You can also use our calculator if you want to make your own PG/VG base.
Fans of precise flavours will prefer bases with a high PG content, whilst cloud-chasers will opt for bases with a high VG content, even up to 100% VG.
If you’re unsure about which one to use, especially if you’re a beginner, we recommend you go for a 50/50 PG/VG ratio. It offers a nice balance of flavour and vapour.

Discover all our base liquids

Which flavour concentrate should I use to make my DIY e-liquid?

The flavour you choose for your DIY juice is crucial. It’s of food-grade quality most of the time, but can be artificial or natural, depending on the manufacturer. In the vaping world, this flavour is sold as a ‘flavour concentrate’, often shortened to just ‘concentrate’. Some flavours are designed to be mixed with others, such as single flavours, whilst other more complex concentrates are designed to be used on their own.

In its early days, DIYing was often the preserve of the most passionate vapers, who combined several single flavours like fruits, tobaccoes or mints to create recipes that could rival the best e-liquids on the market, all for a very low cost. There was even a community that formed itself around this common passion on A&L’s forum, sharing all sorts of original recipes with other DIYers.

Make DIY e-liquid
Red Astaire

T-Juice was the first brand to offer its flagship e-liquid, the Red Astaire, as a concentrate. Thus, it became possible to copy the original recipe by diluting the concentrate into a neutral base liquid. The main benefit of this was that vapers could now choose their PG/VG ratio and dose their favourite recipe to their liking.

Since 2015, many successful flavour concentrates have been released, allowing vapers to make their own premium DIY e-liquids by mixing said concentrates with a PG/VG base.

There are 6 main flavour categories:

Fruit concentrates, comprised of one or several fruit flavours. From the classic strawberry to more exotic fruits like the soursop, you’re sure of finding the fruit you enjoy. Some liquids have a more or less fresh feel to them as well, making them ideal for the hot summer months. If these juices interest you, we suggest you try the Oni or the Ragnarok, both part of our Ultimate range of concentrates.

Fruit concentrates

Mentholated concentrates are made from fresh or minty flavours, and are sometimes mixed with other flavours such as aniseed or eucalyptus. You’ll get a fresh feel in your throat when inhaling. If you’re used to smoking mentholated cigarettes, these flavours are perfect for you!

Mentholated concentrates

Tobacco flavours, also known as ‘classics’, designed to be as close as possible to the real taste of tobacco. However, because there’s no combustion, you’ll get a more delicate and accurate taste that resembles the natural smell of dried tobacco. These flavours are recommended for the beginners who want to start vaping with a flavour they already know and enjoy.

Tobacco flavours

‘Dessert’ or ‘pastry’ flavours taste of all sorts of pastries, cakes, and other delicacies. You’ll find flavours like popcorn, custard, caramel and chocolate, to name a few.

Dessert flavours

‘Drink’ flavours comprise many beverages, such as iced teas, milkshakes, and energy drinks. If you’re feeling creative, you can mix and match them to create all sorts of DIY cocktails and sodas.

Drink flavours

We have a wide range of flavours for you in our shop. We depict every flavour inside each concentrate behind its bottle, that way you can find a juice you like at first glance.
And if you still can't find a recipe you like, you can always make your own mixtures with several concentrates.

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Why use additives when DIYing?

Additives allow you to fine-tune your e liquid recipes. They aren’t essential for making the DIY e-liquid, though. Just like when you salt a dish, they give a special twist to your juices and turn them into real 3-star recipes! Note that they aren’t designed to be used on their own. You’ll find different types of additive, each for a different purpose.

  • Sweeteners contain sucralose, which sweetens and enhances the taste of your DIY blends.
  • Menthol adds a fresh and minty feel to your juices, making them very invigorating indeed!
  • Koolada is also a freshener, but without the menthol flavour. It’s more neutral and perfectly suited to those who can’t stand mint.
  • Vanillin will sweeten your mixtures and give them a hint of vanilla that rounds them off nicely.

There are many other additives that can change your DIY liquids, and we offer several of them on our website.

Discover our additives

The nicotine’s role in DIY e-liquid making

Nicotine is an addictive molecule found in smoking tobacco. It’s also responsible for that craving feeling. Although it isn’t any more dangerous than chocolate or coffee by itself, the addiction to tobacco it causes is what makes it dangerous, with all the consequences it entails.

Therefore, adding nicotine to your DIY e-liquid is highly recommended if you want to get rid of traditional cigarettes without potentially relapsing.

Ready-made e-liquids are often available in standardised nicotine levels. The latter are expressed in mg/ml, the most common being 3, 6, 12, and 18mg/ml. Thus, DIYing allows you to create your own intermediate dosages, which makes for a smoother transition from one nicotine level to the next.

Nicotine molecule
Vaping legislation

All nicotined products are now regulated and can only be sold in bottles of 10ml or less. Thus, you won’t find any nicotined base liquids of more than 10ml. If you choose a 10ml base liquid with nicotine in it, all you have to do is add a flavour concentrate to create your own e-liquid.

And to think ecologically?

However, one of the benefits of making your own e-liquid is that you can make a large amount of it in one go, thanks to the 10ml nicotine boosters that can be bought separately. This also reduces your impact on the environment, as you use fewer plastic bottles. These boosters are made from the same base liquid but contain the maximum amount of nicotine allowed, i.e, 20mg/ml. They’re like a nicotine concentrate, if you will.

There are two ways of making a nicotined e-liquid with nicotine boosters. The simplest method is to buy a pack that includes some base liquid and the right number of boosters to achieve a specific nicotine dosage. The second method is to buy all the ingredients separately, but it requires a bit of math. Here are a few examples:

  • 10ml of nicotine-free base liquid + 10ml of nicotine booster with a 20mg/ml dosage = 20ml of nicotined base with a 10mg/ml dosage
  • 10ml of nicotine-free base liquid + 30ml of nicotine booster with a 20mg/ml dosage = 40ml of nicotined base with a 15mg/ml dosage
  • 20ml of nicotine-free base liquid + 5ml of nicotine booster with a 20mg/ml dosage = 25ml of nicotined base with a 4mg/ml dosage
Proportions to make your nicotine e-liquid

Booster calculator

Feel free to use our site’s booster calculator if you need to find the right number of boosters for achieving a specific nicotine dosage when making your DIY e-liquids. Once you fill in how much liquid you want to make, and what nicotine content you’re after, the calculator will tell you how many boosters you’ll have to purchase.

Booster de nicotine A&L Choice of the team

A&L Nicotine Booster

A 20mg/mL nicotine booster by A&L at the PG/VG ratio of your choice

Discover our boosters

The nicotine in traditional e-liquids is different from the one in smoking tobacco. The main difference lies in the time it takes for your body to absorb the molecule. When you smoke a traditional cigarette, the nicotine reaches your brain in a dozen of seconds, whereas for an electronic cigarette it can take a dozen of minutes. Therefore, you can’t get a real nicotine ‘boost’ when using the latter, you have to spread its use throughout the day instead.

This is why you vape more regularly than when you smoked.

Nowadays, another type of nicotine can be found in eliquids, called nicotine salts. The latter is closer to the nicotine found in normal cigarettes, meaning it’s more rapidly absorbed by the body than the standard eliquid nicotine.
It can be bought as nicotine boosters as well, which are used in the same way as conventional nicotine boosters. However, nicotine salts are designed more for low-power devices and Mouth-To-Lung equipment (MTL).

Another alternative: nicotine salts

Handy packs for making your DIY e-liquid

It’s your first time making DIY e-liquids and don't want to deal with all the technical fuss? Don't worry, you can still get started and create your own recipes. Many manufacturers offer kits that spare you from calculating exactly how many boosters you need to make a particular nicotine dosage.

These various kits are available online. You just have to choose the one that best corresponds to the type of e-liquid you want to make. All-in-one packs contain all the ingredients you need to make a DIY e-liquid, including the flavour concentrates. There are all sorts of flavours available to you.

On the other hand, you can buy base liquid packs, designed for preparing a certain volume of nicotined base liquid. Here, you buy the flavours separately. The great thing about these packs is that you don’t have to calculate the nicotine dosage yourself.

The panda guides you for DIY

Discover our packs

If sums and math aren’t your thing, you’ll love these kits, as you just have to mix all the ingredients together. Everything is pre-dosed. You’re provided with a bottle filled with PG/VG liquid, into which you pour the nicotine booster(s) and the flavour concentrate. Then, simply shake the bottle and wait for the appropriate amount of time - usually a few days - for your DIY e-liquid to mature, which is known as ‘steeping’.

Making your own liquid using these packs is more affordable than buying ready-made e-liquids. Moreover, vapers find a certain enjoyment in creating their own mixtures. Thus, these kits are the ideal solution for those who want to start DIYing but don’t have the time or will to dose everything by themselves.

How to make a CBD e-liquid

More and more vapers enjoy CBD e-liquids. Here again, you can make your own if you wish. The simplest option is to add CBD to a ready-made liquid. Another option is to add it once you’ve finished making your DIY e-liquid, using a CBD booster.

CBD boosters are packaged and used like nicotine boosters. They need to be mixed with a nicotine-free PG/VG base and a flavour concentrate of your choice. They can be used with additives. Various dosages are available to you, such as the 500 mg/10ml dosage (50mg/ml), or the 1000 mg/10ml bottles, which amount to a 100mg/ml of CBD content.

Make your own CBD e-liquid
How to dose CBD?

Which CBD dosage is right for your e-liquid? There are different dosages, depending on how you want to use your liquid.

  • Light dosages: anything lower than 5mg/ml. The effects are quite weak, allowing you to vape the liquid for longer periods of time. If you opt for a 10mg/ml dosage, the effect will be a bit stronger but still relatively weak.
  • Medium dosages: about 30mg/ml, which have a strong effect but must be vaped more sparingly.
  • Strong doses: about 50mg/ml. This dosage can only be vaped in short and spaced out sessions, as the effects are even more intense.


Dosages of 60mg/ml or more shouldn’t be used neat, but diluted. We also advise against using CBD boosters in DIY e-liquids that have nicotine in them.

Discover our CBD products

Tutorial for making your own e-liquid

How to make your e-liquid

If you want to successfully make a DIY e-liquid, you’ll need to understand a few things first. The first key point is the dosage of your flavour concentrate, expressed as either a percentage (%) or a number of drops per 10ml. The dosage written on the flavour’s label is always for a 50PG/50VG base.

Moreover, the dosage of your concentrate will depend on your base’s PG/VG ratio. The more vegetable glycerin your base contains, the more flavour you’ll need to use to achieve the same taste.

Making your own e-liquid requires some basic equipment, but this initial investment is largely offset by the delight you get from creating your own mixtures, as well as all the savings you’ll be making in the long run.

You’ll need some empty bottles, along with some syringes and pipettes, which will make your measurements simpler and allow you to DIY without any hassle.
To summarise, an e-liquid is comprised of three elements: the base liquid, the flavour concentrate, and some nicotine if you need it. All that’s left for you to do is let your imagination run wild and create your own custom juices!

The recipe book

As a DIY specialist, Arômes et Liquides lets you access its online recipe book. Whether you want to share a personal recipe that you’re proud of, or you want to follow one of the recipes posted by a fellow member of A&L’s community, you can access our database of thousands of recipes for free! The icing on the cake is that you can even order the flavours needed to create a specific recipe directly from its page, without having to search the website for hours.

It’s a unique opportunity for DIY enthusiasts and electronic cigarette lovers to share their experience and craft!

DIY and health

Are DIY e-liquids dangerous for your health?

How dangerous DIY e-liquids are is a question that comes up frequently in the vaping world. As is the case for the electronic cigarette in general, all sorts of worrying articles are written on a regular basis, often wrong and spreading false news all over the Internet. Here’s all the proper information on the subject, so that you can make your own opinion on DIYing and its potential health issues. A&L is here to guide you towards a healthy and responsible consumption.

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