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Vaporesso Gen 200 Mod

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Aromes et Liquides is a pioneer of the DIY electronic cigarette scene, offering all sorts of flavour concentrates, e-liquids and equipment for beginner and experienced vapers alike.

The A&L range of concentrates and base liquids is 100% made in France

We are very proud that our concentrates and base liquids are entirely made in France. For us, it's a guarantee that you're getting a quality product that meets your expectations. As a result, the entire A&L range complies with French and European regulations.

Making eliquid for your electronic cigarette

The A&L catalogue is full of DIY recipes for making your own e-cigarette liquid, with a choice of many flavour concentrate brands, to your greatest delight!

Making your own e-liquids will be easy, thanks to the vast amount of premium concentrates that are available on the Pandas’ shop. Arômes et Liquides has many nicotine-free base liquids as well, available in several PG/VG ratios so that you can get the hit and vapour that suits your needs, manufactured by the most renowned brands like French Vape or A&L.

The many accessories at your disposal will help you make your e-juice and feel like a proper chemist! From bottles to needles, syringes and labels, you’ll find all the kit needed for DIY e liquid making!

An infinite amount of possibilities await, the only limit is your creativity! Choose from the biggest brands of flavour concentrates like Flavor West, The Perfumer's Apprentice, Capella or Inawera, and begin your DIY vaping experience.

All-in-one electronic cigarette kits for beginners

It isn’t easy to get started with an electronic cigarette, especially when you’re faced with all this vaping gear and equipment. That's why A&L and its experienced team of vapers offer various e-cigarette kits for every type of vaper.

From Joyetech’s eGo Aio kits to Eleaf’s fabulous Pico range, there’s something for everyone. Pick one of our reliable, straightforward and powerful devices, and start your vaping journey on the right foot.

Our online store is full of colourful ecigarette boxes and mods, along with clearomisers that can produce lots of tasty vapour, and many other interesting vaping devices.

A&L Creations and Ultimate, the best of the best!

The main benefit of DIY vaping is that you can recreate your favourite e-liquids, provided the manufacturer offers its ready-mixed e-liquid as a concentrate as well. You'll be able to make your own version of T-Juice's famous Red Astaire, Vampire Vape's Heisenberg and Pinkman, or Quacks Juice's Goose, to name a few!

However, A&L's team of Panda chefs also have a knack for creating all sorts of tasty and funky recipes. You'll find these juices in our high-quality and French-made Ultimate ranges, comprised of a myriad of flavours, inspired by the powerful taste of the best Malaysian and Philippine juices. They are incredibly fresh and fruity at the same time. From the berry mixtures of the Ragnarok and Valkyrie to the Oni's citrus blend, the Shinigami's apple candy and the Fury's mango, A&L's range of Ultimate DIY liquids will definitely make your e-cigarette quiver with delight !

The Creations range, for its part, offers a more eclectic selection, intended for the vapers looking for a unique all-dayer. These DIY recipes are also developed by Arômes et Liquides and are packed with rich flavours. Enjoy the Cinematik in front of a good film, dare try the Diabolik and its tangyflavours, or fill up on vitamins with the Kawaii. There's something for everyone!

A huge choice of e-liquids

Since 2012, A&L has been offering great DIY products, releasing many successful flavour concentrates. But A&L also offers the best e liquids for your electronic cigarette, both made in France and elsewhere.

If Alfaliquid and VDLV have won over the taste buds of thousands of beginner vapers with their array of simple but effective recipes, brands like BordO2, Swoke, Eliquid France or Le French Liquid have managed to make a name for themselves through their complex and mesmerising all-dayers.

Arômes et Liquides find many exotic e-liquids from across the globe for your electronic cigarette. From the richness of American juices like You Got e-Juice or Five Pawns, to the fruity power of Malaysian e-liquids like Flavor Drops or Cloud Niner's, your e cigarette is spoilt for choice!

Mods and rebuildable kits for the real vaping enthusiasts!

A&L also offers a large choice of equipment for the experienced vaper! A kit with a great design like the Luxe, made by Vaporesso, paired with the Skrr clearomiser, makes for a powerful but accessible electronic cigarette that doesn't require you to build your own coils.

The tinkerers and geeks among you will find their perfect e-cig in the pages dedicated to experienced vapers. There you'll find high-end devices such as Dotmod's mods and the Taifun GT and Squape atomisers, which use Nichrome or Kanthal coils along with the wonderful Cotton Bacon V2.0 cotton wicks.

When browsing through A&L you'll discover many rebuildable atomisers and drippers. If you're looking for flavours, you can opt for the beautiful DotRDA and Leto RTA devices, for example. And if you prefer puffing huge clouds of vapour, why not try the Dead Rabbit or the Zeus, fitted onto an electronic box like the Minikin 2 or the Punk 220w.

Using an RDA will no longer be a hindrance for the travelling vaper thanks to bottom-feeding. You'll be able to 'squonk' wherever you want with your electronic cigarette and your favourite eliquid!

As the home of DIY vaping since 2012, A&L has an enormous range of e-liquids and electronic cigarettes for everyone. Whether you prefer a tasty vaping experience or the spectacle of 'cloud chasing', you'll find what you need on our webstore.


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