Improve your health with electronic cigarettes

There are many Internet articles that discuss the benefits of electronic cigarettes. But what are the real health benefits they offer?

With all the fake news surrounding vaping, it's hard to see clearly and figure out what's true or false. So, who could be better than a real specialist to explain why e-cigarettes are such a powerful tool? Arômes et Liquides has been a key player in vaping since 2013, and has made the fight against smoking its top priority.

Vaping is now a major tool in reducing the risks linked to tobacco smoking. It rapidly established itself as the most effective withdrawal technique among smokers, way ahead of the usual nicotine substitutes.

Tobacco combustion, the real enemy

What we do know is that tobacco is the biggest health problem humanity has ever known. If you don't believe us, know that tobacco kills more people than malaria, war, AIDS, and terrorism combined do, every year. In France, this amounts to about 75,000 deaths per year.

Makes you think, doesn't it? This is why we endeavour to help our clients, from the moment they decide to quit smoking, until they're fully weaned. Vaping has shown that it's a worthy alternative to tobacco, to the point of becoming the preferred withdrawal method used by the French.

You might be wondering if vaping and electronic cigarettes are dangerous for your health? It's a legitimate question, as your health is of primordial importance. The answer is that it isn't more dangerous than any everyday product. However, it does reduce the risks linked to tobacco, and that's a fact.

Indeed, the real danger of classic cigarettes lies in their combustion. Nicotine is wrongly believed to be dangerous, whereas it's only responsible for the addictive feeling. It's the cigarette smoke that contains over 4,000 toxic chemicals responsible for all sorts of cancers, and even today we're still discovering new ones. Electronic cigarettes don't contain any of these chemicals, thus protecting you from any tobacco-related harm.

How dangerous are electronic cigarettes?

In 2015, Public Health England (PHE) released a report about the benefits of electronic cigarettes, in regards to the public health issues caused by smoking.

We remember this quote in particular: "electronic cigarettes offer 95% less risk than tobacco smoke". Since then, other public health organisations like the Royal College of Physicians and the Victoria University in Canada have confirmed this report.

Smokers now have the proof that vaping can be a successful weapon against tobacco smoking. However, it must be noted that using e-cigarettes and smoking normal cigarettes at the same time only has a moderate impact, as opposed to a total withdrawal from tobacco products.

You're probably wondering what the remaining 5% represents. It still is a difficult question to answer. Various studies have attempted to identify any volatile organic components (VOCs) that may be in the vapour, such as aldehydes. Their concentration level remains extremely low compared to the thousands of chemicals from cigarette smoke.

Therefore, we recommend you properly soak your clearomizer or atomizer coil, in order to limit any potential risks due to overheating. Indeed, aldehydes often appear when the coil is overheated and burns the fibre inside it. Thankfully, this can easily be avoided, by simply changing your coil on a regular basis.

Breathe anew thanks to vaping

If you stop smoking entirely and switch to an electronic cigarette, you'll rapidly feel some metabolic changes. Indeed, smoking exposes you to many toxins like tar and carbon monoxide, which cause a drastic decrease in respiratory capacity. As these products aren't found in the vapour produced by your electronic cigarette, you'll quickly notice an improvement of this capacity.

You'll be able to say goodbye to your daily coughing fits. Your breathing will improve and regulate itself very rapidly.

After having quit smoking for just a week, you'll feel a distinct improvement. You can climb stairs and go for a stroll without having to catch your breath any more! If you were doing sport and had to stop because of smoking, now you can get back to it. This is a great motivator and truly rewards you for your smoking withdrawal.

Being able to smell again

Tobacco smoke is known to alter your sense of smell and taste. Indeed, they're numbed by certain of its additives. These additives hide the horrible taste of burning tobacco, by tricking your senses into thinking you like the taste of your cigarette.

By getting rid of your cigarette for an e-cigarette, your senses will spring back to life after about a week.

Your sense of smell will return to normal, and you'll be delighted to rediscover the scents that had vanished from your life because of tobacco.

The importance of taste!

Taste is also one of the senses that rapidly returns when you quit smoking. It usually takes from a few days up to several weeks to get it back to normal.

There are two main benefits to this. You enjoy what you eat much more than before, you rediscover foods and tastes you forgot about, and you can treat yourself when vaping as well.

In vaping, an e-liquid's flavour has an important role indeed. First and foremost, it makes vaping a pleasant way of weaning yourself from tobacco.

Patches, gums, and medication alike certainly can't offer you a delicious taste of caramel, strawberry or cookie for example. Electronic cigarettes allow you to vary the flavours and treat your taste buds with countless recipes. Every delightful inhale takes you further and further away from your old addiction.

Vaping keeps you alive!

As we mentioned earlier, your senses will return, you'll get your breath back, and you'll be able to enjoy scrumptious recipes thanks to vaping. In addition to this, your life expectancy will increase as soon as you stop smoking. Tobacco combustion produces a smoke that's filled with tar, carbon monoxide, and more than 4,000 proven carcinogens.

The health benefits of quitting smoking:

  • After only 8 hours, the carbon monoxide inside your body is eliminated, and your blood's oxygenation returns to normal. The risks of myocardial infarction start to decrease.
  • After 24 hours, the cold tobacco breath gradually disappears. Lungs start to remove the smoke residues. By extension, the risks linked to respiratory infections like bronchitis or pneumonia decrease as well.
  • After 1 week, your sense of taste and smell come back, and your breathing improves.
  • After 3 to 9 months, you regain 5 to 10% of your pulmonary function.
  • 1 year later, the risk of heart disease is halved.
  • 5 years later, any risks related to strokes and mouth, oesophagus or bladder cancers are also halved.
  • 10 years later, the risk of dying from lung cancer is halved as well. Stroke risks then become the same as a non-smoker.
  • 15 years after you've stopped smoking, heart disease risks become identical to that of a non-smoker. The mortality rate is then almost the same as for someone who never smoked.

By quitting smoking, your health improves all-round. It's the most important and effective decision you could make!

Say goodbye to yellow stains

Obviously, when you stop smoking, you no longer have a burning cigarette in contact with your skin. The yellow stains resulting from a premature ageing of your epidermis will become a thing of the past.

Your skin will breathe again and get healthier. Moreover, tobacco turns your teeth yellow. If you quit smoking entirely and switch to vaping, a simple appointment with your dentist and a good scaling will bring back your bright smile!

Smoking withdrawal and sport

Electronic cigarettes are a solid tool for quitting smoking once and for all.

When you get rid of tobacco, you'll feel revitalised and fresher in a short amount of time. Your taste, smell, and respiratory capacity will improve immensely.

All of this will allow you to take up sport, if you wish. Whether it's running, cycling or mountaineering, nothing's impossible. What could scare you after you managed to defeat tobacco, the greatest enemy of them all!

Everything you want to know about the electronic cigarette's benefits

  • Discover how vaping is safer for your loved ones.
  • Do you need more motivation to stop? Vaping saves you a significant amount of money!
  • The importance of a gradual and efficient transition from tobacco to vaping.

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