Is an electronic cigarette cheaper than tobacco ?

When you discover the wide world of vaping, you often wonder how much an electronic cigarette costs. One of the major arguments in favour of electronic cigarettes is that they're supposed to be cheaper than tobacco, but to what extent?

At a time when the price of tobacco is constantly increasing, it might be a good time to say goodbye to smoking and switch to vaping instead!

Arômes et Liquides tells you all about the cost differences between vaping and tobacco! That way, you'll be able to compare for yourself and see how much it would cost depending on your smoking habits!

The cost comparison of electronic cigarettes and tobacco !

The electronic cigarette, an economic tool

You must remember that when you buy an electronic cigarette, and the consumables that go with it, it's to use them for a long while. So, don't be put off by their initial cost. Unlike traditional cigarettes that you simply smoke and throw away afterwards (in an ash bin, please), your electronic cigarette can keep going for a long time if you take care of it.

Its lifespan varies depending on which model you buy. In general, we estimate that an entry-level kit will last about a year, as the built-in batteries don't last forever.

On the other hand, mods and boxes can last between 3 and 5 years, depending on how often you use the e-cigarette. Some devices can last even longer than that, if properly maintained.

When you know that a pack of cigarettes costs about 10€ nowadays, the acquisition of a powerful and effective box, along with its clearomiser, pays for itself in just two weeks if you're a heavy smoker who gets through a pack every day.

Cheap consumables

To function, an electronic cigarette's battery sends a specific voltage to a coil that's inside a tank. This electrical current heats the coil, thus increasing the temperature of the e-liquid contained within the tank, which then turns into vapour.

The coils and e-liquids are the only consumables you'll have to replace regularly in your electronic cigarette.

How often you have to change them depends on your vaping frequency, of course. Coils cost about 2€ a piece on average, so you can factor that into your vaping budget from time to time.

The only thing left for you to acquire is the e-liquid, a mixture of propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG) and flavourings! You can choose from a wide variety of flavours, such as fruits, menthols or pastry-inspired recipes. On average, a 10mL bottle of e-liquid is priced at about 5€.

Cost comparison, based on your smoking profile

We've detailed below an estimate of how much vaping would cost during the first month, based on your smoking profile. Thanks to these concrete examples, you can get a better idea of what kind of budget you need to set aside for vaping.

Before you read on, know that the cost of a 10mL bottle of e-liquid isn't influenced by how much nicotine is in it. Regardless of the dosage, the price is the same. Only vaping offers such a benefit!

After reading this, you'll realise just how much you can save if you switch to electronic cigarettes and abandon tobacco!

Occasional or light smoker

If you smoke between 5 and 7 cigarettes a day, smoking costs you between 70 and 110€ per month, with a consumption of 7 to 10 packs, priced at 10€ each.

To get you started and going for a month, this type of smoker will need:

  • An electronic cigarette like Aspire's PockeX AIO kit, priced at 20.90€.
  • Compatible coils for the Aspire kit, 2 per month on average at 2.90€ a piece, so it'll cost you 5.80€ per month.
  • 4 e-liquid bottles per month on average, each one costing 5.90€ if you opt for A&L's Ultimate Ragnarok e-liquid, which amounts to 23.60€ a month.

Thus, your first month of vaping will cost you 50.30€, which is far from the sum you'd have to fork out for tobacco cigarettes, and you won't need to buy the electronic cigarette again of course.

So in the end, you'll have saved about 40€ during the first month alone. You quickly understand how quickly your vaping equipment pays for itself!

Regular smoker

If you smoke between 10 and 20 cigarettes per day, that amounts to 15 to 30 packs a month. As we said, each pack costs 10€, so in the end you spend 150 to 300€ every month.

Your budget for the first month of vaping:

  • An electronic cigarette like Voopoo's Drag X Pod, priced at 48,90€.
  • 2 coils per month on average, at 2.90€ a piece.
  • An average of 7 e-liquid bottles per month, at 5.90€ a bottle, for a total of 41.30€.

Thus, a regular smoker will spend about 96€ to fully equip himself. There again, the cost of the electronic cigarette itself is amortized after only two months of use, and you'll save about 130€ during the first month alone. If that doesn't prompt you quit smoking, we don't know what will!

Heavy smoker

If you smoke more than 25 cigarettes a day, you burn through at least 38 packs every month. At 10€ a pack, your tobacco habit rounds up to 380€ per month!

Your budget for the first month of vaping:

  • A powerful electronic cigarette suited to your needs, such as Apsire's Nautilus GT kit, at 68.90€.
  • 2 coils a month, priced at 2.30€ each, so 4.60€ in total.
  • About 10 bottles of e-liquid at 5.90€ each, for a monthly sum of 59€.

If you follow this scenario, your first month of vaping will cost 132.50€, and once again you can withdraw the cost of the electronic cigarette itself after the second month (€ 63.60). Thus, you'll save a whopping 247€ during the first month alone. Just imagine what you could do with all these savings, and you don't even have to wait that long for them either!

An investment that quickly pays for itself

Vaping may seem costly at first, but you must see it as an investment. If you want to quit smoking by switching to vaping, it won't take a few days, but rather a few months to succeed.

Obviously, the purchase of your first electronic cigarette is a significant part of your budget, but it'll quickly pay for itself, especially if you follow the examples listed above. It's from the second month onwards that you'll really see how much money vaping is making you save.

Thereafter, all you'll have to do is regularly renew the coils and e-liquid. Moreover, know that you consume more e-liquid in the beginning, as it tends to decrease over time.

Indeed, it can take a while to find the suitable brand and nicotine level for your particular needs. Once you make these adjustments and find your mark, your consumption will regulate itself.

It's very common for your e-liquid consumption to decrease over time, resulting in even more savings after the first few weeks! However, it might be different for you. The most important thing is to vape as often as you feel the need to, otherwise you might be tempted to return to tobacco cigarettes.

You can save more money thanks to DIYing

Vaping allows many former smokers to save a considerable amount of money already, but you can save even more, thanks to DIYing. It's a process that allows you to make your own electronic cigarette e-liquids, as the name implies.

To do so, simply mix a neutral base, made of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG), with a flavour concentrate of your choice and some nicotine if necessary.

In addition to letting you make litres of your own e-juice if you wish, DIYing allows you to create recipes that you couldn't find anywhere else! This technique offers a world of possibilities!

Do health insurances cover vaping?

As electronic cigarettes can be considered a very effective nicotine substitute for those who want to quit smoking, you might be wondering if your health insurance covers its cost, and you'd be right in thinking so.

We've written a short guide that tells you whether or not your health insurance reimburses your electronic cigarette, and based on what criteria.

Nowadays, some insurances do cover electronic cigarettes, and others are starting to follow. Indeed, they prefer their policyholders to be healthy!

Does social security also cover e-cigarettes?

If public health authorities fully reimburse some nicotine substitutes, it's a bit different for electronic cigarettes. Since the adoption of the European Tobacco Products Directive (TPD), electronic cigarettes have been categorised as tobacco-related products, so they can't be reimbursed in the same way traditional nicotine substitutes are.

More about electronic cigarette savings

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