Cloud chasing, vaping's extreme sport !

If producing lots of vapour with an electronic cigarette can seem like a simple pastime for many of you, it has become a discipline in of itself for many vapers!

Although the origins of this practice remain unknown, it's generally attributed to a group of thrill-seeking Filipino vapers.

In the last few years, 'cloud chasing', also known as 'power vaping', has become a real hobby for more and more vapers across the globe.

Its growing popularity has given rise to events, contests, and even sponsored competitions. In the USA, winners can sometimes walk away with thousand of dollars in prize money.

However, this practice requires a specific type of equipment, along with appropriate e-liquids and a certain skill for making tricks.

Some of the many tricks you can do with cloud chasing, performed by vAustinL (Austin Lawrence).

How does cloud chasing work?

Cloud Chasing or Power Vaping is a discipline that consists in producing the biggest clouds of vapour possible with an electronic cigarette. Vapers then use their hands to shape this vapour and do various tricks.

To obtain such amounts of vapour, cloud chasers use 100% VG (vegetable glycerin) e-liquids, without any nicotine in them. Vegetable glycerin is the component that thickens any given e-liquid, whereas propylene glycol is used to liquefy it. Thus, if you increase the amount of VG until there's no PG left, you get a vapour that's thick enough to be handled.

However, vaping this type of e-liquid requires an appropriate device. Power vapers prefer to use drippers, as they enable you to use complex coil builds that can vapourise a lot of e-liquid in one go. That's why it's important to use a mod that can provide enough power to the dripper's coils.

Cloud chasing, more than just a fad

Cloud chasing has grown in popularity over the past few years, particularly in the USA and Southeast Asia. For some, it's become an artistic pursuit as well as a competitive practice. Since then, all kinds of events have been created, such as battles, championships and exhibitions, featuring what you could call 'professional' vapers.

These contests can be centred around two different criteria:

  • Size
  • Technique

During the first one, the competing vapers have to exhale the biggest cloud of vapour possible to impress the jury. The second event focuses on exhaling the vapour in a creative way whilst doing all sorts of tricks. The 'Dragon', the 'Pushing the O', the 'Jellyfish' and the 'Tornado' are some of the many tricks competitors manage to pull off.

Depending on the size of the event, participants can win vaping equipment and even large sums of money if the competition is sposored.

Furthermore, this practice is becoming more and more widespread, thanks to the internet and all its social networks. Indeed, they provide a space for all the cloud chasing experts to share their secrets and tricks. Cloud chasing has plenty of surprises in store for you, whether you practice it yourself or you simply enjoy watching its amazing display of tricks.

Finally, we would like to remind you that you shouldn't cloud chase or power vape in public areas, so as to not bother the non-vapers around you.

Le cloud chasing ou power vaping. Crédit photo : Arômes et Liquides


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